Real Estate Development

PKB Development Sdn Bhd (PKBD) and PKB Capital Sdn Bhd (PKBC) are subsidiaries of Permodalan Kedah Berhad established to focus on real estate development. The focus on property development is aligned with PKB’s objectives to generate revenue from this sector.

As a rising star in real estate development, we intend to further strengthen the real estate development sector by aggressively expanding PKB’s landbank and strategic partnership with landowners. By leveraging the expertise of strategic partners and relevant track records, it helps the PKB Group to diversify its revenue base and ensure its financial sustainability. We are always dedicated to achieving greater heights.

PKB performs its business activities in the mining sector through PKB Development Sdn Bhd (PKBD). Mining is one of the key pillars of the PKB Group in generating sustainable, long-term profitability, aligned with PKB’s strategy to responsible manage the extraction of mineral resources in Kedah.

PKB through PKBD manages mining areas in several districts in Kedah with small and medium scale. With some new areas of growth, it is believed to maximize future sources of production. Among the mineral resources managed by PKBD are Iron Ore, Manganese, Silica Sand, Construction Sand, High Lined Clay and Clay.

PKB is always looking for partners to leverage on expertise, experience and technology while diversifying innovation that can increase production volume with high quality to enhance competitiveness in the market.



Kedah Islamic Asset Management Berhad (KIAM), formerly known as Amanah Saham Kedah (ASK), was established to manage unit trusts and manage investments portfoliosm and is a PKB subsidiary focusing on investment.

KIAM is licensed under the Capital Markets & Services Act 2007, and has over 20 years of experience in unit trusts and financial management. Currently, KIAM manages four funds: one unit trust fund, and three institutional funds, with an investment value as of 30 June 2017 amounting to RM47.43 million.

KIAM also provides effective investment management services to meet the needs of  investors from the corporate sector, government agencies, and individuals.

Professional services offered by KIAM are for equity investments, fixed-return investments, as well as syariah-compliant money market instruments under various investment methods such as balanced, income, growth, and aggressive strategies.

Our experience and understanding in the investment market helps us deliver what investors want, access to various investment opportunities, risk-adjusted performance with strong and consistent returns.

PKB via its subsidiary PKB BUilders Sdn Bhd (PKBB), formerly known as Pembinaan Sintok Sdn Bhd is an engineering and construction services provider that fulfills the needs of both the government and private sectors.

PKBB is registered Grade G7 with the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB), has Bumiputera Status with the Contractor Development and Entrepreneur Development Division (BPKU) and is registered with Ministry of Finance Malaysia. PKBB has over 15 years of experience with the capacity to implement large projects with no value limit.

Additionally, PKBB is nominally the main contractor in construction projects acquired through open tender or through direct negotiations. PKBB ensures timely submission and completion of projects by involving sub-contractors and reliable suppliers. Sub-contracts are awarded to sub-contractors and selected suppliers after a rigorous selection process which analyzes various aspects of contractors and suppliers. PKBB coordinates the construction process periodically to ensure timely delivery and supply of adequate building materials throughout the construction process.

PKBB has a good reputation, operated by a team of professional, dedicated, qualified and experienced staff supported by company resources to continue to bring new project opportunities to PKB Group.



PKB has taken steps to expand its business in the field of hospitality by forming the subsidiary PKB Hotel Management & Services Sdn Bhd (PKBH).

PKBH is managed by a team that combines over 15 years of experience and skill in the Hospitality & Services industry. The uniqueness of PKBH is the guarantee of Shariah-compliant services and compliance with the requirements of halal food supply.

PKBH opened its first hotel in 2015 on Langkawi Island, the 4-star Adya Hotel Langkawi which has since earned recognition as among the best 4-star hotels in Malaysia. PKBH has expanded its business by opening a budget Hotel Adya in Kuala Lumpur. Adya Hotel offers continuous service improvement at par with hotels of similar standards and service excellence.

 “Islam, Friendly, Hospitality” – PKBH sincerely aims to provide comfortable facilities with exceptional service excellence.

PKB also provides Company Secretarial Services. The company’s secretarial services are managed by the subsidairy PKB Cenasih Management Sdn Bhd (PKB Cenasih).

An newly formed company requires compliance with various statutory regulations. A Company Secretary’s services are important to ensure that a company continues to comply with all the rules and regulations stipulated either during or after the establishment of said company. Among the services provided by PKB Cenasih are:

  • Company Formation, and Information Search,
  • advice on starting a business and statutory compliance
  • Company Strike-off and Voluntary Dissolution
  • the provision and filing of Statutory Returns such as the AGM, EGM and so on
  • provision of notices, minutes of meetings, and resolutions

PKB Cenasih has a record of excellent and reliable service.



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Joint ventures in property development, mining, investment, construction, hotels, and business services are implemented by PKB subsidiaries with specialized expertise and ability in the implementation of corporate projects.

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